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Correctly choosing women's underwear according to your figure is how to make ikebana, the process is delicate and unpredictable. It seems that there are not many components, and everything on the window looks equally attractive. But an error in size, shade or style can lead to the fact that the impression of the kit will be the opposite of the one you were counting on. It is believed that every woman knows how to dress, but in fact the statistics are as follows: 70 percent of women do not know how to choose underwear, and wear either the wrong size or uncomfortable style. If you are thinking about how to choose your underwear, remember a few simple things.


1. A cup. The most important part of a bra. It is she who will contain the mammary gland - perhaps all day. She should not press, “cut” the chest or be too big. All this leads to abrasions of the skin and unpleasant consequences.

2. Tactel. A wide strip of fabric under the cups that holds the bodice tightly against the body. If your chest is large, the tactile should be really wide. Although the tactile should sit rather tightly, you should not choose a bra with a too tight tactile. If red marks remain on the body, this underwear is not suitable for you. In this issue, the tactel makes sense to pay enough attention, as well as fasteners, their reliability and convenience. This is rarely thought of, but it is very important.

3. Straps. The same story is with them. Shoulder straps should be tight enough to support the cups and not fall off the shoulders, but if they are too short, then the shoulders will hurt. The larger the chest, the wider the straps should be on the bra. This is one of the rules for those who think how to choose lingerie.

4. Panties. Everything is simple here: they do not have to be cramped so as not to crush the body. It is both unaesthetic and harmful to the skin. In addition, avoid underwear made of low-quality synthetics. All other materials that allow the skin to “breathe” are suitable, from modern high-quality synthetics and mixed fabrics to natural fabrics. Keep in mind that one hundred percent natural fabric will not last long. Although quality silk is good for intimate health.

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